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Dark Shadus [userpic]
Pagan Topics Newsletter
by Dark Shadus (darkshadus)
at June 18th, 2006 (07:13 pm)

We, the Pagan Topics Witches Society, have started a Pagan newsletter, which we hope will grow into an actual newspaper or magazine from the newsletter format we are using at the moment. What we need are submissions from the Pagan community if you are interested in submitting your works or wishing to share your knowledge. Here we have complied a list of the sections that we are currently working on for the next issue. Please note that the deadline for submitting your works is set for 3 weeks from today.

1) Upcoming events will include Sabbats, Esbats phases and/or rituals etc.
2)Letters to the Editor
3) The Muse's Grove will be a section for your personal poems, chants, and/or short stories etc.
4)A Religious Showcase where we will have basic information pertaining to one religion, which will change monthly so that we can provide knowledge that breeds tolerance!
5)Pagan Spirituality will include meditations, pagan information such as personal deities, folklore etc.
6) Kitchenwitchery includes any recipies, homemade beverages etc.
7) Kids Playground will host puzzles and games for children etc.
8) Pagan Humor include jokes, tales etc..
9) Horoscopes
10) Welcoming new members to our Pagan Topics Ordain site, Pagan Topics Healer site, and Pagan Topics Meet up.
11) Birthday and Obituaries

How to submit your works to Pagan Topics Newsletter/Newspaper?
~Email them to Winter@pagantopics.com or Lexie@pagantopics.com.
Also in the subject line area please put "submissions to ( the section you are submitting to)," so I will know where to place them.

Any submissions will remain the sole property of the individual submitting, but we retain the right to reprint works in any future issue of our newsletter. Please note at this time submitting works will be on a pro bono basis.

If you should have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us pertaining to this posting.

Bright Blessings
Editor in Chief,
Pagan Topics Newsletter (Newspaper)